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The Punitive Father God of Fundamentalism

I am an occasional reader and commenter over on Karen's Kinesis, formally of "Heretic's Corner" fame. In a recent post, Karen suggested, somewhat lightheartedly I believe, to get newcomer packets ready for all the progressive Catholics who might be jumping ship after the election of the 'Rottweiler'. One commenter posted "I don't think Love and Spirit will be what we see from this Bishop of Rome." This irked me. The man sees things differently and that somehow renders him un-Loving (not sure what the capital 'l' signifies) and un-Spirited? I responded to that comment with some questions about, had the conclave elected a progressive/liberal pope, wouldn't that have likely resulted in the unloving alienation of the majority of the world's Catholics who are conservative socially and theologically?

Not much of a response to that. However, another poster did say "there remains hope God was involved in his election..." Oh my, I couldn't resist. Because the man is conservative, then the default position must be that God did NOT have anything to do with his election? Conservatives can only be elected apart from and in spite of the activity of the Lord? Here is the response:

It is of course absurd that God voted in this conclave, otherwise those cardinals would have chosen the Dalai Lama, or some other sensible person. God would no more have voted for Ratzi the Nazi than for Dubbya. No, this clearly was a rigged election, every bit as corrupt as back in the days of Avignon, on y danse, on y danse. Quite a contrast to the election of +Bishop Robinson in NH, which was obviously the work of the Spirit. It never ceases to amaze me that reactionaries can't see the difference. Pardon me--won't see. Their blindness must be deliberate.

I would commend to all this response to the calamity by Father/Mother Matthew Fox, who has said everything Karen tried to say, only better.

Now, I wasn't immediately sure if this wasn't tongue in cheek. Granted, the poster's handle is "radicalfeministpoet" but you never know. Then I clicked on the link, which consists of 22 questions for the new pontiff. Apparently, Pope Benedict XVI loves/d Hitler, follows the example of fascism, is an ideologue and not a theologian, is obsessed with sex and may, in fact, want to put homosexuals into concentration camps "as Hitler did", is aware that Pope John Paul I was murdered by cardinals and JPII's election was influenced by the CIA, is not really a Christian, and may not be aware that "evil spirits have taken over the Vatican at this time in history". The final question is a fun one:

"22. Why do you forbid Catholics to talk about God as Mother? God as Child? Original Blessing instead of Original Sin (which is not in the Bible)? God as female as well as male?"

Last I checked, describing God as mother, child & female, and whatever "Original Blessing" may be, aren't in the Bible either. Apparently by Dr. Fox's logic, so long as it isn't actually in the Bible, pretty much any title or descriptor for God will do. (As will any concept - what the hell is "Original Blessing"?) Dr. Fox, though, isn't entirely demoralized by this "rigged election." No, there is some hope:

Now the good news. The silver lining in the election of this, the first Grand Inquisitor as Pope, is this: Now people of conscience the world over have a clear choice between Religion and Spirituality; Fundamentalism and Wisdom; A Punitive Father God and the Mother-Father Creator of Justice and Compassion; Fascism and Control vs. Letting the Spirit Work; between a preferential option for the rich and powerful (cf. Opus Dei) and a preferential option for the poor (as in liberation theology).

Now all people--and Catholics in particular--are called to find their consciences and take a stand about the Punitive Father God of Fundamentalism and the Divine Wisdom of Justice and Compassion and against idolatry including religious idolatry and papalolatry and the television cult of personality, and between lies and truth.

If this is all the substance the progressives can muster - unsupported allegations, ceaseless ad hominems and fun (unbiblical) phrases like "Mother-Father Creator of Justice and Compassion", well, their ship has sunk. No reasoned argument, no in-depth theological debate, just diatribe and polemic. Nothing to stand for, just against. It is rotted out from the inside and soon, will not be able to support the anger & hatred that they try to disguise as "letting the Spirit work."


rev-ed said...

Good post, Nathan. You probably gave them more credit than they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I was being lighthearted in response to some voiced concerns by Catholic friends. I think the Holy Spirit is active in ways that we can't ever truly imagine so I have no doubt that She was behind the election of Benedict XVI. As far as "radicalfeministpoet" is concerned, he/she is someone I first encountered on Beliefnet years ago and floats around the 'net offering snarky blog comments like the you referenced in this post. I've not taken him/her seriously and have found his/her comments to be annoyingly tongue-in-cheek for the most part. As for Matthew Fox, I have no use for him at all and thought his pronouncement on the Papal election was appalling.

- Karen