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All but certain

It now appears all but certain that I will be invited to step down from my position as youth pastor. I had a meeting with the elders board today - yup, all 3 of 'em - and I am not meeting their expectations, due almost entirely to very different philosophies of ministry. What I think the kids need and how I can best serve them is increasingly at odds with how they think I should be doing ministry. They are going to get together sometime before we have a followup meeting tomorrow, and though they said the decision wans't final, I'm fairly certain they're sure of what they want to do. Ain't nothing left but the doing, as the saying goes.

I would appreciate your prayers in finding another job and everything that would require (selling the house, finding a place to live, etc). I'm not looking for a youth ministry position again; what this experience has taught me, if nothing else, is that while I love kids, I am not really all that well-suited for working with youth. I'm not sure what I'm looking for, but I do have one lead that is semi-promising and is probably something I would really enjoy doing, so please pray for that. Since I do pretty much all of my blogging at work, my posting frequency may drop off some but I'm not taking a hiatus or anything. Please pray for us and I'll keep you posted.


Doug said...

In my prayers, Nathan.

rev-ed said...

Mine as well, Nathan. It's a shame this happens all too frequently.

Anonymous said...

I think not fitting in where you have been is an indication of depth and faith that doesn't fit with surface and show. Congradulations! And on to the next adventure! You are, as always, in my prayers. This will work out for the best. mcs