...are the ones that make the biggest difference


"I'm as free as a bird now..."

It has been decided - I will work through the end of May and be done. The meeting today went well, there was no bitterness or anger, and they affirmed a lot of what I had done here. It was good to hear that after yesterday's hammering (their words), which was pretty close to 100% negative. The only problem is that they are only offering me one month of severance pay after May, which is in violation of the denomination's standard 90 days, and in all honesty, is not a realistic amount. Yes, I will be actively seeking a new job through May, but things do not always move very quickly. I informed them that I expected at least 2 months of pay and they said they will "look into it." Please pray they do the right thing by us. And, of course, that we would wait patiently for God to direct our steps. But also that he would hurry up already! :)

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