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Beijing enforces the party line...

For anyone who ever thought maybe communist China wasn't so bad...

"In a surprisingly broad and deep targeting of thought and expression here, authorities across China have shut or drastically curtailed college Internet message boards - a powerful vehicle for free exchange, and one used far more by non-students than students."

"The crackdown is another phase of a broad and zealous campaign situated inside the central propaganda department that advocates a 'strengthening of ideology' [read: brainwashing and crushing dissent] through stricter control over culture, education, and media."

The government has also introduced new education requirements that force students to take several classes in communist ideology.

"The new [education] campaign is designed to create greater faith in the party among ordinary Chinese. It is also an effort to bring results that communist Eastern Europe was unable to achieve as it became freer during the 1980s, informed sources say. The party in China intends for the country to achieve a high-growth economy, but without the dissent and uncontrolled openness found in the Warsaw bloc prior to the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989."

When communism fails in China, and it will eventually go the way of the dodo, that country will probably descend into total chaos. After all this repression, people just won't know what to do.

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