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The bite of sarcasm

Jeff Wright (linked at right) has generated a minor buzz of controversy and the beginning throws (as in unwarranted mudslinging) of debate by referencing some group called "War On Easter." WOE (an ironic acronym, that one) is apparently planning on easter-egging 666 copies of some anti-Christian DVD in churches across the nation. I'd link to their website, which apparently contains a FAQ, but it is currently down. While trying to find a Google-cache of the site I discovered it was down due to a denial of service attack, which one commenter seems to think is Jeff's doing. Another claims Christians need to undergo a sex-change operation before we can understand the plight of women - what those Christians who are already women are supposed to do is as yet unclear. Hopefully future updates will clue us all in. I, too, left a post sarcastically condemning Jeff for excercising his free speech rights, which was unfortunately misunderstood and the source of his query in the comments of my previous post.


Jeff Wright said...


I got to this post trying to track down your email address.

I need to apologize for putting "what the heck" in my query to you on my site.

I was really stunned when I read the guy make the "hacked in and shut down" accusation, then I got the "illegal and prosecute" post.

Then I got to yours and I thought "No way Nathan piles on unless he really thinks I did this."

So I reacted poorly. Not so much mad (at you or the comment(s)) but rather stunned by the whole thing.

I normally get 30-35 hits on my blog on a busy day. Today I got 190.

So please forgive me for poorly expressing myself. I'm still kind of stunned, actually.

Nathan said...

Jeff -

I understand the confusion and the feeling of being a little taken aback by all those hits and the tone of those posts. My sarcasm clearly didn't come through as well as I had hoped - as you said, tone doesn't come through in text, so the fault is largely mine.

And I spent 7 years in the Army - "what the heck" doesn't bother me. :)

Jeff Wright said...

Yeah, but looking like you snapped at someone you consider a blogging "friend" is ugly.

My post on your site conveys my original reaction better than the one on my site does.

Again, my apologies.