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Uncomfortable requests

The wife and I had dinner with the church planter (and his wife) from our former church - a man named Dave. We went to a new Japanese restaurant in town that is, apparently, still hammering down its menu & service. The food was good, but something did not sit well later that evening, if you know what I mean. During the meal, Dave asked us to get more involved in his church plant. Not just attending more often, but my possibly preaching now and then, doing the announcements fairly regularly, leading a small group or young marrieds Bible study, and being a part of a elder-in-training program which I dubbed the "Youngers". I'm touched by his requests and desire to keep me involved; he obviously respects me and appreciates my talents & gifts, but frankly, I just don't know what to say to him about it. If we're to stay here, I've got to find a job that pays reasonably well (which, realistically, would not be a huge amount in this area). So far, not so much as a blip on the screen in that area, so that provides an easy excuse. Should a job come available, then I'd be put into the position to tell him the truth: I don't want to be involved, not at that level and probably not at any level. I respect him and what he's trying to do - his intentions are good & holy - but I think he's just perpetuating, at some levels, the standard Protestant failure - reinventing "church" with some whiz-bang model at regular intervals. Fortunately, I don't think Dave will fall into the God-as-therapist-and-life-coach heresy that seems to be the dominant form of Prot-Christianity in the US. I'm just worried about the underlying foundation of the entire edifice.

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