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The house is finally on the market and almost 100% of the work is done. There are a few minor things to take care of, but after the marathon of house-related work that started Wednesday afternoon when my uncle arrived to help re-furbish our kitchen and ended Monday night (no fireworks for us, sad to say), I'm going to take my own sweet time in addressing them. Its mostly just keeping the place clean & tidy in hopes of a few showings. Now, it just has to sell and we just have to figure out where God wants us to go or if he wants us to stay. Its been a stressful month in that regard, but at least we're finally at a point when things can start happening one way or another.

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Doug said...

So Nathan, what happens if the place sells before you have a new job and place to live? I ask out of curiosity. My wife and I are trying to buy into the market here in the Bay Area, so we're just learning about all the ins and outs of home-shopping and ownership. It's murder. The market here is just completely insane. Tiny condos that were in our range two weeks ago are ten grand out of our range now. It can't go on like this. How long does it take a place like yours to sell once it's on the market in your area? Here it only seems to take a week at most.