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Still nothing has popped on the house. We've had a couple of parties express significant interest, both bringing their respective parents back for a second look but no offers thus far. We're getting a little anxious, but have decided to go ahead and move to Fort Wayne even if the house has not sold yet. My wife gave her 2 weeks on Wednesday, so we'll be heading out in about a week and a half. We're hoping and praying the house will sell by then, but we'll be able to move in with her parents so (once we find jobs) we should be able to maintain the payment without too much trouble. For those of you nothing the record heat-wave sweeping through the Mid-West, know that I spent all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and a goodly portion of Sunday morning, engaged in painting the front & back of the house, as well as the trim, and taking care of the lawn, so yes, I can attest that it was indeed quite toasty outside. Well, that's actually not accurate - toast is dry and this was more like going through the hot-wax setting in a car wash. Or so I would assume, having never experienced a car wash on my person.

Please keep praying for the sale, for our move & finding jobs and our spirits during this time.

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Anonymous said...

You are both in my prayers. Hang in there! mcs