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Writer's block

Ever since I became unemployed, I have had a bit of writer's block. I've had time to post at least a little here and there, but I just don't have anything to talk about. The last few weeks for me have been spent working on the house and looking for work - neither have been overly stimulating and haven't spawned any deep cogitations. Except that you should put primer on just about anything before you paint; one window frame will just not stay white. If color seeps through again, I'm going to prime it and then put the 6th coat of paint on. Hopefully that will do the trick. Thankfully, the home improvement projects are coming to a close. The upstairs is almost complete - just a little more paint on the bathroom window, installing blinds and re-hanging a bedroom door. If all goes well, it should be done tonight. Then its on to the crown molding in the dining room and a little paint removal. That could be done by Saturday afternoon if all goes according to plan.

I've gotten a couple of call backs for jobs, but so far nothing is really sounding that good. One didn't offer anywhere near enough pay for its area and the other basically gives you a completely random schedule every week; no 2 days off in a row, your shift can start anytime between 10am and 6pm and can be on any day and you have to work overtime on little to no notice. Thanks, but no thanks. I'm tempted to keep it open for the time being since I don't have any other good leads yet, but its a temptation I'm feeling very good about resisting.

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