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Narrowing the search

The first week of my extended vacation has passed largely without incident. I have spent the majority of my time working on our house and preparing it for a potential/likely sale. There were 3 big projects to be completed: the second bedroom upstairs needed trim & closet doors, the kitchen floor needs to be replaced and crown molding in the dining room. The first, aside from a few more coats of paint, is done. The second is about half-way there; just waiting for the floor primer (never knew there was such a thing) to dry so we can start laying the vinyl tiles tomorrow morning. The crown-molding will have to wait until later this week, but we'll probably get the house on the market in the next few days.

The biggest thing the wife and I are facing right now is, of course, what to do next. On a suggestion from my mother, I'm looking at nursing schools - I've always been interested in medicine and a job with good pay & benefits, with high portability and a huge "other-focused" factor, is right up my alley. We've been praying about it a lot and we're feeling a peace about pursuing that, but still aren't fully decided on it. Part of that stems from the fact that I would have to complete some more schooling and the rest from not knowing where to go/if we should stay here. But more school was inevitable - a BA in Religious Studies looks nice on the wall but doesn't open many doors - as was moving. However, there are a couple of school options here, as well as others near family on both sides with varying degrees of potential job connections. So where we're going is pretty up in the air right now. Which is why I'm glad I've had all these projects to work on; its allowed me to stay focused on the immediate, accomplishable future. Very soon, though, this transitional period will end and we will have to get on with the difficult work of actually stepping out in faith.

There have been a lot of things I've wanted to comment on over the last week, but haven't had either the time or computer access to make that happen. Once these projects are completed and until I find a job or we move, I should have more time. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.


Benedict Seraphim said...

Remember what you already know: It is normal to want to have direction and focus. We humans are pretty much designed that way. Remember also: God demands of us nothing other than the present task. Which is precisely where God will grant his revelation.

Karen said...

Prayers for you in your search for fulfilling employment. My partner became a nurse for exactly the same reasons that you mentioned, but she also had a liberal arts degree. She went to nursing school through a "master's entry program" which got her an RN in one year and an MSN 2 years later. She now works as a hospice case manager and finds her job extraordinarily fulfilling. If you need any information on these special programs please let me know and I would be happy to put my partner in touch with you.