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Holy Lands Blogging

Adam from Pomomusings (linked at right), is in Israel/Palestine for the summer with a Christian organization - it might be a PCUSA thing, or it could be something else; I couldn't find a definitive reference after a brief skimming. Adam is, of course, an Emergent guy and given Emergent's liberalizing tendencies, I'm not surprised that he sides with the Palestinians. Stuff like this isn't so surprising, but it is frustrating. How do the Jews feel when they are hit by suicide bombers? How do the Jews feel when all of the nations surrounding them funnel money to terrorist organizations that target Israel? How do they feel when all the surrounding nations don't even have Israel on their maps and refuse to officially recognize them as a sovereign nation? I'm not saying I think Israel's actions in response to the Palestinian terror organizations has been perfect; far, far from it. But simple fairness demands that we consider both sides, and that is something woefully lacking here. The pictures are good, though, so check out the photo galleries.

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