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The Resurrection

I have been working through the Gospel of Luke with the kids during the last semester, and last week we got to the final 2 chapters. But since we didn't get as much covered as I'd like, we're going to spend some more time on them, especially chapter 24.

Popping over to Matthew 27 & 28 for a description of the precautions the authorities were taking to prevent fraud on the part of Jesus' disciples, I'm struck in verse 4 that after an earthquake that rolls away a large & heavy stone from the mouth of the tomb, the angel sits down on the rock! I love the picture that creates - the earth shakes, the rock rolls, the Roman guards are passing out and this angel just nonchalantly takes a seat. Perhaps to watch the fun as the guards wet themselves or to wait patiently for the women so that he can make his momentous announcement. But either way, he's just sitting there. You know - talk amongst yourselves, no big deal; just a little earthquake and abject terror, folks.

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