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First call & suit shopping

Got my first call about a job I had applied for this morning and have a phone interview set up for next Tuesday. It would be semi-local, ie, its in the next town over, which would make for a bit of a commute, but not a terribly long one. We'll have to see how it plays out.

My folks came into town for a couple of days and are now driving to Iowa to see my brother and attend his fiance's graduation party. My mom asked if I had a suit for job interviews, and well, no, I don't. I was in the Army, and they give you a suit. Its all earth-tones and pockets, but at least you don't worry about stains. I then worked in a business-casual office for over a year - khakis and polo shirts; these didn't wear very well and I am now low on khakis and polo shirts. I then worked as a youth pastor in a seeker sensitive church, which is all jeans and t-shirts and go-tees. So no suit. Bless their hearts, my parents took me out and bought me a nice, new suit and a tie. And if I do say so myself, I looked rather dapper.

What is it, though, about the sales people at suit stores? Why on earth do they have to touch you so much as you try a jacket on?! A little pull on the lapel, a yank on the sleeve, smoothing the shoulders, messing with the buttons, the collar, you name it. I am a big personal space guy, so it weirded me out a bit. Besides, what's the point of doing that? You don't have someone to tug and smooth your jacket when you put it on to go to work - shouldn't you want it to look right without all that?

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Benedict Seraphim said...

All of which brings to mind that episode on Friends where Joey learns that some ways of measuring the inseam are, um, bad.