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Cleaning out my office

I've spent the last half hour or so cleaning out my desk & office. I've pretty much removed all the personal stuff and now it only remains to sort through the remaining paperwork to see what should stay and what should go. A bit surprisingly, I don't really feel anything - nothing bad anyways. In some ways, there is actually a spark of hope and freedom. No longer am I tied to this place and to this way of doing things. No longer will I have to hold my tongue in the midst of anyone, students and staff alike. No longer will my livelihood depend on a boss whom I don't respect - its on God now. And I trust that he will not continually be caught up in the latest thing (there are no fads in heaven) nor move us around unnecessarily. The future lays before us, my wife and I, like a wide open plain; anything is possible and we will follow our Guide where ever He leads.

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