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* North Korea admits to having nukes, and rejects calls to come back to the multi-party talks. I, for one, am not at all surprised. Had Iraq been an easy military victory followed by a quick and relatively quiet turnover to a new government, things would be very different. But as it stands now, Iran and North Korea know they have a limited window of a few years while we are stuck in Iraq to pursue a nuclear deterrent. I hope and pray the Bush administration will find a way to bring North Korea back to the table, but I remain doubtful - I don't think anyone in our leadership structure for the past 15 years has had a sufficient understanding of the crazies in charge over there.

* I saw on the Today show this morning a man - with his wife and 11 children - who has for the last 2 years been actively seeking to be sent to Iraq. He wasn't already in the military, mind you, and was actually rejected by the active-duty Army because of the number of children he has (no on-base housing could meet their needs). He managed to find a way into the Reserves, all so he could be sent to Iraq. While I respect his desire to serve his country, I still think he needs a swift kick in the butt. As you were; he needs multiple kicks to the posterior.

* And a few links I have found interesting over the last week or two, some of which I would write a post about if I had time:

Pontificator responds to a snarky critique

Minor Clergy tackles political idolatry and the GI Joe hostage crisis

Doug presents a lengthy but well-written letter on the Theotokos. (I admit I haven't read all of it, yet. I did say "lengthy", didn't I?)

Steve holds forth several posts on liturgy & technology, the 2 most interesting to me are here and here. I certainly don't agree with all that Steve says, but he has some good thoughts.

Aaron at Radical Congruency talks about people leaving the church for various reasons. I have a hard time with some of what he says - should the departure of a person who disagrees with the church's theology really be a spur to questioning and possibly reshaping that belief?

And finally, Clifton has been on a roll lately - go check out the last few weeks for some good stuff. And thankfully his daughter is doing much better after some tense moments with RSV. Praise God!


Doug said...

That GI Joe Hostage crisis thing was hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

Doug said...

Perhaps I should qualify that. Hilarious AND rather disturbing at the same time, because -I know- the whole thing just isn't funny. But still, I admit that I laughed.