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Parents meeting & links

Last night I had the first meeting of the newly formed Parents Leadership Team - one of the "recommendations" from the recent fallout caused by some other parents. It went well and I think it was a good initial step in building a bridge, which in all honesty I have not really focused on thus far. I haven't intentionally left the parents out, I've just been focusing on the kids. They had some good ideas & suggestions which should be pretty easy to implement. I realized too that I have not been anywhere near strident enough in getting the youth ministry on the larger church's agenda. There should be some easy ways to make things more prominent. One thing I didn't like - one of the parents said they would really like me to go into the schools on a regular basis and have lunch with kids in the group. This, for a variety of reasons, is not very high on my list and I have studiously avoided doing so. But now I've been called out on it, so next week begins "school visits." Oh well - it will fill up my time card, anyways.

And a couple of Touchstone links I found interesting:

Ash Wednesday
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