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"Reason has never been able to define evil and good, or even to separate evil from good, if only approximately; on the contrary, it has always confused them, shamefully and pitifully; and science has offered the solution of the fist. Half-science has been especially distinguished for that - the most terrible scourge of mankind, worse than plague, hunger, or war, unknown till our century. Half-science is a despot such as has never been seen before. A despot with its own priests and slaves, a despot before whom everything has bowed down with a love and superstition unthinkable till now, before whom even science itself trembles and whom it shamefully caters to."
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Demons (formerly published as The Possessed)

It is the presence of ideology & emotion that debilitates pure-science into the horror of half-science that Dostoyevsky describes. It becomes its own religion, demanding little and promising much; progress, development, happiness & meaning, but without providing the moral or spiritual framework upon which those things must necessarily hang. Progress without moral reflection results in monstrosity. And yet we frequently fail to recognize the disastrous effects of our "science." Each new development, each new invention will be the one that "changes our life" (to borrow a phrase one hears repeatedly on info-mercials), but they always introduce other problems, other concerns. I'm no anti-technology Luddite - I for one am quite happy about modern medicine, information systems and the printing press, to name but a few. I think the problem is that our ability to advance scientifically & materially has far outstripped our ability to advance morally & spiritually.

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