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Big News

The wife is pregnant! And in the first month of trying, thank you very much. We told most of the family yesterday. My in-laws already have 5 grandkids, but this is the first on my side, so while the in-laws were very excited, my mom was positively explosive. The official due date is February 27th, 2008. Personally, I'm hoping the little tyke will stay in just 2 days longer and be a leap baby, which would be pretty sweet.

All tips, hints, suggestions, ideas and experiences with pregnancy and baby-related stuff is greatly appreciated.


Thom Stark said...

Congratulations, Nathan! We just had our first child about 6 weeks ago. My advice: sleep as much as you can while you can, read Baby Wise, and get signed up with "My Baby This Week" at www.babycenter.com/.

Well done, man. We got pregnant within two or three days after our honeymoon, and she was on the pill!

D.I. Dalrymple said...


As the father of two (ages 4 and 1) all I can say is: pray hard. Now.

Seriously, fatherhood is wonderful. I look forward to welcoming you into the club.