...are the ones that make the biggest difference



Well, I just completed my last final for this semester. In my nursing fundamentals class I'm almost guaranteed an A. In my pharmacology class, its all but impossible that I get an A. Even with a possible extra credit assignment, I would need to have scored 98% on my final to get an A, which is pegged at a frustrating 93%. I've been unable to break 91% all semester long. So I guess I'll be happy with a B. Well, not happy exactly, but its acceptable.

Sign of the times, though. In preparing for the final, I was typing up answers to a painfully comprehensive study guide. For those of you unfamiliar with the drug naming system in use today, they're all made up and frequently quite unusual. Just about every drug name I typed into Word gave me one of those red-squiggly-hey-idiot-did-you-mean-to-spell-"the"-"teh"-? things, except for the really common ones like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Oh, and viagra. Yup, viagra has become so commonplace its even on Word's pathetically incomplete dictionary.

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