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Road trip memories

Very early tomorrow morning we will be driving to Iowa for my brother's wedding this weekend - she's dismayed about the early part, not the rest of it - where I will be co-officiating at the ceremony. I'm only able to "co" because I've been out of full-time ministry too long and lost my ministry credentials. So I'll be performing the majority of the service and a local pastor will step in to do the vows and make the final, legal pronouncement. It should be good. And not just because all the men in the wedding party, as well as yours truly, will be wearing kilts. I guess I'm lucky I've got a built-in joke to open with.

But in prepping for this, I wanted to get some cd's together and found an old one that the wife and I listened to a lot as we made the 7 day drive from Anchorage to Phoenix. Right now I'm listening to a song from that cd and I can see the winding road running through the forests of British Columbia, the headlights illuminating a wall of rock where the road cut through the mountains, my wife asleep in the passenger seat. It was a good feeling of coming home, of making a new beginning.

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Jeff Wright said...

My version of "the wife" and I just got back from a road trip to Destin,FL. Furthermore, I was invited to preach at a church in the neighboring county and on the way back we took a mountain road that wound all the way around God's beautiful scenery.

I realize that this reply makes no real contribution to your post but I must confess how easily I am thrilled by a simple road trip. Common grace my friend, common grace.