...are the ones that make the biggest difference



Things have slowed down here a bit over the last couple of weeks - that was mainly owing to my finally finding gainful employment and getting used to that schedule. Unfortunately, things are going to remain slow here at least this next week as well; I've got a psych midterm and a rather large anatomy test over chapters I haven't even touched yet. I may also have to write a rough draft of a communications paper. I'm also supposed to start working 3rd shift on Monday night, but was offered the chance to switch to 1st shift if I wanted it - I need to decide today and call work to let them know. If I stick with 3rd, which is what I agreed to when hired, I'll have the added bonus of trying to adapt my sleep schedule. If I'm able to post anything, it will likely be numb, mindless drivel, so don't expect too much out of me. Definitely come back in a couple of weeks - things should be less hairy by then.

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