...are the ones that make the biggest difference


Orthodox-catholic? Ironically, its neither.

My in-laws' neighborhood had a subdivision wide yard sale today. Since I'm always well overstocked on books, we had a few boxes full of 'em out on the tables so I could sell enough to buy yet more books. Many were old books on theology & ministry that I no longer want. While I was upstairs carefully crafting a response to my unresponsive psych professor, we had a customer who bought several of those books. This older woman asked my wife if someone in the house was a theology major. My wife said no, but that I was a big reader and a religious studies major. The woman then told my wife that she is a member of the Orthodox-Catholic Church and is about to be ordained. She basically said the OCC is just like Orthodoxy or Catholocism, except that they ordain women. Looking on their website, I also see they bless gay unions and seem to think the Bible is only the word of God "when spoken and heard heartfully by believers and beyond." Yup, almost exactly alike.


Perry Robinson said...

I suppose if you dawn a police uniform, carry a gun and stand with authority that turns one into a police officer as well?

Wolves in sheeps clothing. There is a reason why the word heresy means "choice."

Stacy said...

I'm not sure I would have believed you if you hadn't given the link to their website.

I'm going to go stick my head in a hole.