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Where is God?

The death toll from the latest Indonesian earthquake, an 8.7 on the Richter scale, has been revised down to 400 or 500. While I certainly am not trying to minimize the destruction caused by this quake, which is significant in the affected areas, nor am I trying to demean the suffering of the families who lost a loved one, I can't help but see the irony. When the December 26th earthquake and tsunami hit, there were many who cried "where was God?" as if the massive devastation were proof against his existence or benevolence. And now, when in the same region another oceanic quake causes no tsunami and the death toll is less than 1% of the 12/26 event, we hear none of those cries, no damning of God or belief in him. Is it because there is the tacit assumption that, this time anyways, God was paying attention? That the (relatively) tiny death toll and localized destruction is this time proof in favor of God's presence? Or is it simply that a truly God-condemning threshold of suffering & death was not achieved? What hypocrisy! If suffering is proof against God, then any suffering, no matter how small or geographically restricted, should suffice. I find the lack of atheistic crowing rather insulting to those who are suffering as a result of this latest quake - apparently their pain isn't significant enough to merit comment.

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r.i.c. said...

If they have ceased doubting 'where God is', maybe they have already settled in their hearts there isn't one... I hope this repetitive struck of disasters will not rob them of their hope for an enjoyable life and desensitize them.

For those who ask where is God, sometimes i wonder if they are really searching, asking for God's help in a shy and conservative way.

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