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Heretical Ice Storms

We are looking at a pretty serious ice storm in the very near future - freezing rain right now which should give us about an inch of ice and then 4 inches of snow later this afternoon/evening - so I will be leaving shortly to avoid the worst of the conditions and huddle snuggly in my home with my beautiful wife (I will also be praying that an ice covered branch from the tree in our back yard does not fall on our power line!). This has left met a bit short on time, so I won't be able to offer any thoughts or look for other relevant links.

Anyways, in line with recent thoughts & readings, I found a couple of posts on Tony Jones' blog. The first is about an email Tony received with some questions about the orthodoxy of someone who did not believe in the Trinity. There are a variety of responses that range considerably on thoughts in this regard, including several by Doug defending his position somewhat. It is noteworthy that he doesn't fully defend his thoughts or offer a taste of what he thinks would be a good alternative to this historic understanding of the Godhead. The second is a followup that introduces questions about the emerging movement's "open methodology" for doing theology. They are informative, if alarming, discussions.

UPDATE: I found Doug Pagitt's blog.

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Karen in Wichita said...

Been there, done that, here in Wichita the night before last. The sun came out today, so it looks much better now, but a significant percentage of the city is still without power. We've got an advantage over you in that they've already brought folks from unaffected areas in to work on our lines, so you don't get 'em until we're done with 'em... which they're saying will be in one to two weeks.

We weren't, as you can see in the last picture, so much worried about an ice-covered branch landing on merely our power line:

Wichita Ice Storm PicturesHope to see you back and posting soon.