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On a lighter note

My mom called yesterday to let me know she got me this icon for Christmas. She always wants us to have "something to open" on Christmas morning, but this is being shipped directly to me without any wrapping paper and that doesn't sit right with her on some deep, visceral level. :) I'm not sure my brother and I really get it, but I know I've always enjoyed her love for that kind of thing.

Thanks mom!


basil said...

I love the Extreme Humility. A friend of mine once painted a very large scale Extreme Humility. It was breathtaking. It was completed shortly before the Triumph of Orthodoxy (First Sunday of Lent), which celebrates the final return of icons to Eastern Orthodox worship by the Empress Theodora on that Sunday in 843. Our priest proudly displayed this large icon and preached --- he almost wept, in fact --- that the Extreme Humility, that is, Christ's humiliation on the cross and our own humility in union with Christ, is the real triumph of Orthodoxy, leaving no room for any kind of triumphalism. It will remain perhaps one of the best homilies I ever hear for the rest of my life.

Nathan said...

I wish you had a tape of that homily, but I'm now looking forward to getting this icon even more.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any other icons?

Nathan said...

I have a small card of Christ Pantocrator that I got at a Serbian Orthodox church in Sarajevo, which is taped on my monitor. Actually, I have several of those - I intended them as gifts but forgot to hand them out. I'd like to get some more, especially now that we got into our house.