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GetReligion: Honest questions for W

GetReligion: Honest questions for W

I saw this piece over on Get Religion. I'm not overly surprised by this, but I think it speaks volumes to the disconnect between the Republican's base and the true motivations and actions of Republican leadership. George Bush claims he is a Christian (something I am certainly in no position to deny or question), and yet he is failing in regards to one of the most important signifiers of Christian thought - love your enemies. The problem is not just that he is failing in this regard; I think there are probably tens of thousands of evangelical Christians who are also failing to shoulder the burden of loving their enemies and praying for those who persecute them. Can we truly assume "God is on our side" if we are failing to uphold one the central tenets of our faith?

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Anonymous said...

Not only does he not love his enemies, or see any reason for their hatred of America, I think he also puts Democrats in the same category. He gives being a Christian a very negative connotation of closed minded, ultra conservative, judgmental, self-righteous, smug....you get my point. mcs