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Anybody see the women's gymnastics team finals last night? I was disappointed for the US team that they only got silver, but then again, those Romanian gymnasts were excellent and fully deserving of gold.

Just one thing - what was up with Courtney Kupets backing out of her balance beam routine at the last minute, and then coming back a few minutes later to do the floor exercise?! She told a reporter after the finals that her "injury" only bothered her at one point during her routine. Does that sound fishy to anyone else? Personally, I don't think she should be able to compete in the all-around now, especially if her backing out wasn't legitimate. There are other gymnasts on the team, maybe not as good, but who definitely have the heart to compete.


Karl Thienes said...

Yeah, that bit with Kupets was a little strange....you'd think that floor ex. would be harder than the beam....

That blond of ours didn't compete in any of the team events!

And those Romanian women were unreal. They deserved the gold.

Nathan said...

For a leg injury, the floor exercise would definitley be harder, but I think the balance beam is much more of a mental challenge. 4 inches does not leave a lot of room for error.

Yeah, we noticed that Courtney? McCool did not compete either, but she probably suited up just in case. I think Bhardwaj has definitely got guts to jump in and do a balance beam routine with only a few minutes of prep!