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My last post was not as thought out as it could have been, so I will offer some clarification. One, I do not believe that Buddhists are Satan worshippers or are Satanic. Two, I do not necessarily believe Christianity has someone been miraculously spared the influence of the Evil One (I think here particularly of schism - between East & West, traditional & protestant, etc). However, I still do have some significant issues with much of what the pomergent church may be doing and the direction it may be heading.

I am not too involved in the pomergent culture and my primary knowledge on it comes from a few books and the blogosphere, but it feels as if the movement is like a kid with a new toy. Actually, it feels like a kid who is playing rough with a fragile new toy. There is a lot of excitement and still a lot of exploration to do. The future seems ripe with possibilities and the world is wide open. There are no real boundaries, no clearly defined limits or rules, which in and of itself is problematic. The culture we find ourselves in now is very similar to the culture that the earliest Christians experienced, and yet they were ultimately concerned with establishing the proper confines of the faith. They were not overly concerned with finding points of connection with paganism - they recognized it for the lie that it was, and while the earliest theologians appropriated classical thought, they did not accept it out of hand. I understand that today calling another faith a lie seems horribly arrogant and condescending, and it honestly troubles me. But so does the willingness to embrace other faiths in such a way that our Christian faith becomes a mere preference and is not affirmed as the truth.

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